Terms of Payment & Refund Policy

You shall pay the Charges for each Service as set out in the Advertisement Order. We offer four types of yearly subscriptions, which you may renew once it has expired, this will be solely your responsibilities, although we may send you emails reminding you 30 days before your advertisement is due to expire.

Payment shall be made in USA Dollar, Uganda Shilling UGX Order) by electronic funds transfer, including by BACS transfer, mobile money of cash payment.

Failure to renew your yearly subscription, your advertisements or listing will be taken off the Absolute Uganda websites.


Should you change your mind about your advertisement, listing, you should notify us within 30 working days and we will calculate the remainder of the funds that we owe you. After a period of 90 days, no refund will be given

Please write to us with your full names, business address, email, and contact number; refund@absoluteuganda.com, you may also complete the form here giving us all the relevant information.

Please refer to our Term of Use, refund is only restricted to subscriptions and not services or products/ goods purchased from a third party, for that refer to their terms and conditions.